La Digue Cat Tree

Credit to my hubby, Steve, who will be putting this lot together!

This is my latest present for the cats, yet another cat tree!  We have recently added a third cat to the family, Ringo, a havana Oriental.  As he’s still a kitten, he’s incredibly active and loves to climb and roost in high spots, so what better reason to have a nosey on at their incredible selection of cat trees!

I love Zooplus.  Most of my cat supplies are from there as they stock a massive range of food and pet products.  My first cat tree lasted about 5 years before the 2 Siamese wrecked it, but I have saved the good parts as spares as the screw threads seemed to be universal.  This new purchase is a model called La Digue and is cream coloured, and cost £69.99 with free shipping.

This model features a hammock at the bottom.

The only tool needed to put this tree together was an allen key which was provided along with instructions.

Meanwhile, Bart and Ringo found the packaging!

The next tier has a hideaway box and another scratch post with a platform and toy.  The flat surfaces are covered in a plush fabric which can be vaccuumed easily.


The removable cushioned cover is on the top platform – the drawstring fastening needs to be tightly secured.  The finished product is sturdy and fits in the corner of the room neatly as the base is 50 x 50cm.  Its 167cm tall, and you can see there’s a lot of climbing opportunity there!

Bart and Ringo give their approval!

Ta daaa!  Assembled within 20 minutes!  Of course, it would take me a bit longer.  Thanks Steve!