Chicken Swing!


I was quite intrigued at the thought of a chicken swing for my chooks when I first heard of this product.  It conjured up thoughts of Tweety Pie cartoons, and when it was initially out of stock, it made me want it all the more!  My other half scoffed at the idea (like men do) and said he could make one for half the price (which he didn’t).  I waited till the chicken swing became available again and snapped one up for my flock.

Priced at £19.99 from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, all proceeds go towards helping to rehome ex-battery hens.  This is not any old perch for your hens as the swing is designed to be pumped by the chicken to keep it swinging.  The perch is bright yellow for the benefit of your birds (they are attracted to red and yellow colours) with an appealing corn cob design which gives them a secure grip.

Ideally, the swing should be fitted low to the ground to encourage hens to use it.  The chooks gave it a wide berth.  My flock prefer to use the mounting block in the run when they want to perch on something, so after a few days, I ended up placing the block nearby in a vain attempt to get them to hop on.

Anyone want a go?

Weeks later, the swing remains untouched and still bright yellow through lack of use!  I have left it up hoping one of my chooks will have a eureka moment.  However, all hens are individuals, so please don’t let my experience put you off – if you think your hens might like this toy, order it from and help ex battery hens at the same time.  Judging by the pictures on their website, the swing is appreciated by some hens who look very comfortable on it and seem to have the swinging motion sorted!  There is a great range of other gifts available for both hens and chicken mad humans if you are shopping for presents.

Go on Bunty!