Molly’s Eggs – A Bit Smaller Than Expected!


Molly, my Aracauna hen I hatched last year came into lay that August, and was also the first hen to come back into lay this year. That’s her egg on the left – Araucanas lay beautifully coloured eggs.  Hers are a pale blue colour but they can vary to a blue/green and olive shade.  My first Araucana, Polly laid greenish coloured eggs, which I have to say were a bit bigger than Molly’s!

However, Molly is a bantam hen, so she is a miniature version of the breed and inevitably the eggs will be smaller.  I didn’t expect them to be quite so small though, and then one day I found this in the nest box.

Little tiny egg!
Little tiny egg!

It looked just like a sugared mini Easter egg and at for a moment I thought my hubby had pulled a prank on me!  It turns out it was a genuine Molly egg, tiny but perfectly formed!

Molly’s eggs compared to a normal sized egg

I often mention in my chicken keeping courses that you can get some ‘odd’ eggs.  These may be variations in size, colour, quality of shell and may be due to the hen’s age, health, climate, diet, etc.  These eggs are fine to use (unless the hen is under medication) but you will rarely see oddities in the supermarket.  Provided hens are in good health the odd’blip’ in the egg making department shouldn’t be a major concern.  If anything, it reminds us that hens can have quirks in their reproductive cycles just like humans!


Molly’s tiny egg consisted of just white when cracked open – boo!  Since the start of this year she has popped out 2 more tiny eggs, but her ‘normal’ eggs are still small compared to a regular bantam egg.  I am hoping they will get bigger but in the meantime I am enjoying multiple fried eggs to cover a slice of toast.  Maybe I should keep quail?

Molly and me!