Colour Changing Cat Litter? Pretty Litter Review!


A new cat litter launched late last year in America caught my attention.  Pretty Litter sounded such an exciting product, I had to get my hands on some!

As a doting owner to 3 indoor cats, the Pretty Litter advertising ticked a lot of boxes; it’s lightweight, dustfree, absorbs odours and its highly absorbent and eco friendly.

However, the one thing that makes this litter stand out is that it changes colour if there are abnormalities in the urine.  Changes in the pH levels of the urine can indicate signs of ill health which may not be obvious in the early stages.  To me, this sounded a great idea, so out came my credit card and I pre-ordered a bag for my cat family to try.

At $19, or £13.10 a 3lb bag of Pretty Litter would last 1 cat 1 month.  I would have probably bought more for my 3 cats but the shipping was $30 (£20.68!!)  I stuck with my 1 bag, and reckoned that this would probably last 10 days or thereabouts.  As there are 2 litter boxes in our household, I was hoping I might stretch this to 2weeks.

The litter arrived just after Christmas so I put it to the test early January.  There was just enough for one litter tray which made me doubt if it would even last a week.  It was very lightweight and consisted of fine white granules that had reddish orange flecks.


To be fair, this is the first time I have used this type of litter before, which I suspect is a silicate type litter as it is so light.  However, there is no mention on the packaging what it is made from.   Having used wood based litter for years, where soiled waste is thrown out, I was very dubious when I read the instructions.  The object is to throw only the poo out.  Any wee patches were to be mixed in and distributed throughout the rest of the litter and the moisture will be absorbed.  My immediate thoughts were focussed on potential smells.  My secondary thoughts were, “What if I see some abnormal changes in the litter?”  My cat family are very relaxed about sharing their trays and if one of them was producing a colourful patch in the litter, I would have to spy on their toileting activities to find out who would need a trip to the vet.

Just to clarify, normal urine shows up as a yellow to olive green patch in the litter.  Anything blue, red or orange/brown needs monitoring for 24-48hrs and if no improvement, a trip to the vet is advised.  Orange/brown means there’s bilrubin in the urine which could suggest liver problems.  Red means there is blood in the urine, which may not be visible.  Blue is alkaline, which may mean lower urinary tract issues, struvite crystal formations or kidney problems.  Green indicates abnormal acidity which again could mean lower urinary tract disease, amongst other possibilities.  Quite an ingenious product!

Yellow wee patch!

Ringo and Bart were the main users of the Pretty Litter box in the conservatory, which tends to be a bit cold in winter.  Phoebe prefers the conservatory in summer when its baking hot!  None of the cats objected to the change of litter and used it as normal, but fussier cats can be introduced to it more gradually by mixing their usual litter with the new for a short period.  Despite it being quite fine, I didn’t think it tracked any more than other types of cat litter I have used.  Reluctantly, I mixed in the yellow wee patches and was quite surprised how they ‘disappeared’ into the litter.


5 days later, the granules had become yellow in colour, which is normal.  This became deeper in colour as time went on, and the granules became less dry and free flowing.  My cats have short fur, so we have no problems with any sort of litter.  Owners of long haired cats may find that this litter may get stuck in the fur – probably no more than other types of litter, but something to consider.  I used Pretty Litter as long as I could get away with (2 weeks) and noticed that Bart’s poo left to sit in the now damp litter was turning the litter blue!  To be sure, I put some droppings from the other litter tray and left it for a few hours (that’s wood based litter stuck to the poo by the way!)  As you can see below, the litter surrounding the poo is blue!


I contacted Daniel Rotman from Pretty Litter, who stated that high alkalinity (blue indication) is an issue in urine but not necessarily from stools.  As a precaution, Bart had a visit to the vet where he agreed that the pH of urine was something he would investigate, but not poo.  I can only assume that the damp litter was past its use by date anyway at 2 weeks between 3 cats, but I was compelled to test it to see how far it would go!

Eeew! Time to throw away!

The amazing thing from this trial was that the litter had great odour absorbing qualities.  Despite never actually throwing away the wet patches, there were no smells – and my husband is usually first to complain!  It would be interesting to use this litter again in summer as that is when litter trays seem to smell more.  The granules were easy to work with so it really is a low maintenance product.

The downsides?  Well, the price.  At the moment it is not available in the UK although I am assured it will be, which will certainly save on the £20 shipping!  However, my regular wood based litter is altogether better value, even if I have to buy 40 ltr bags! I also enquired about how safe the product is if ingested but unfortunately I didn’t get a reply.  There is a FAQ section on the website which states that the product is safe if ingested, but it would be helpful to know what the litter is made from.

Personally, I would be inclined to use this product on an occasional basis, just to see if there are any changes in the urine, especially with my 2 older cats.  I think it can be a really useful way of monitoring your cat’s health.  However, it is not a diagnosis of any condition, and I would still consult my vet if I have any concerns about their health.  Owners of cats with a confirmed diagnosis of eg diabetes, urinary disease, etc may be interested in using this product as a guide to monitor their cats’ health, again with veterinary advice.  Not sure when this product will hit the UK but look out for it and check out the website  You might want to conduct your own trial yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. Thank you Deb! Not sure when it launches in the UK but share your comments with us when you’ve tried it! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it unhealthy to let cats dig in stale urine? I have four indoor cats and change their wood based cat litter every two days due to cleanliness. Kindly place info on Facebook should you find it in the U K.

  3. Hi Sylvia, I have to admit I wasn’t comfortable about mixing in the urine in the litter either, but this is how this type of litter works. I use Oko Plus Cat’s Best myself and have always preferred to scoop out wet and dry waste. Personally, I would probably use this litter on a temporary basis if I wanted to monitor a cat who has ongoing health issues, and only allow that particular cat access to the litter. So far, I’ve not heard anything about this product coming to the UK yet. Do you think you would try it? 🙂

  4. That’s s fantastic review and I’ll try it when it’s available in the UK but only periodically as I’d end up getting paranoid

  5. Buyer Beware! I placed an order for 2 bags of PrettyLitter on 10/6/16
    On 10/11 I received an email saying my order had shipped (its coming from Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, I live about 20 miles away)
    On 10/20/16…no product. I contacted the company who said they would look into it
    I cancelled my order on 10/23/16 when I heard nothing further
    On 10/25/16 I received a rude email stating that the product was backordered 4 weeks and was told that I was informed as such both on my original order and in emails (all of which I have copies of…there is no notification of a backorder)
    10/28/16 I received an email asking me if I was sure that cancelling was the best decision, to which I replied that I was sure I wanted to cancel
    On 11/17/16 the cancelled order of pretty litter arrived!
    Ive requested a return order and return shipping document numerous times. I absolutely refuse to pay to ship back a product that I had cancelled, with their acknowledgement close to a month before receiving
    Today I was told that they do not pay return shipping. Its like extortion and I refuse to do it.

  6. Wow, thats frustrating Lisa! Its been just under a year since I trialled this product and it was delivered to me in the UK with no problems. At present, its not available to buy here. Is it not available in your pet stores in the US?

  7. Regarding what it’s made of–as their website states, it is made of silica, which is a mineral. It’s the odor-and-moisture-absorbing mineral that comes in those little packets that say “do not eat” in medicine bottles, etc., but the reason the packets say “do not eat” is because they are a choking hazard. I checked several poison control sites, which confirmed that silica is inert and nontoxic. Because the product does not swell when it comes into contact with fluid, it isn’t a blockage hazard in the stomach or bowel if an animal ingests it.

  8. Thanks for the review, Lisa McCloksey. I almost ordered 12 bags to try for my family of cats–but something made me stop and look for reviews before I hit the button. I don’t care how good a product is, if the customer service is as you described, I don’t want it. I would put all of those emails in chronological order and submit a copy of them with a civil, yet firm letter asking for return labels. If they continue to be rude and ridiculous, you should contact the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, if a friend or family member is an attorney, I would ask her/him to send a letter on your behalf. What they did it wrong. You cancelled it well before it was sent for reasonable cause, and you have proof of it in the form of their responses to you. YOU SAVED ME SOME HEARTBURN!

  9. As the owner of 4 cats when I saw their video pop up on my feed I was quite intrigued. Thank you for doing such a nice review. I think I may try it out.

    Though I notice a lot of people saying they use Wood based litter, and am curious about that! I have used Wood pellets for my rabbits before but it s nothing for the smell. Similar with wheat based litter. What brands do you use?

  10. Hi, if you decide to try this litter let us know what you think! Wood litters are popular as they are not too expensive and I think they are better than clay regarding odour management, and not as heavy! I have been a long term fan of Cat’s Best Oko Plus Cat Litter, which also comes in a pelleted version for owners of long haired cats. Its just a case of trialling different ones till you find one that suits you and your cats. Regarding rabbits, where I work we use paper based pellets in their litter trays (Back 2 Nature). Rabbit urine is strong smelling – I don’t think there is a litter that can neutralise that smell just yet!

  11. Thanks for these comments and reviews. I live in Canada with two elderly (well loved and cared for) cats who are almost 18 years old. I like the idea of using this litter as an occasional at home test. Brilliant. I wonder though why the company isnt posting reviews on its own website.

  12. I must agree with the person who had a problem with this company. I “subscribed” for 2 bags and was also told it was backordered and would be 4 weeks. They shipped one order after I emailed when 4 weeks had passed and then immediately charged my card (a debit card, not credit!!) a second time and shipped ANOTHER 2 bags, so I received 4 bags within 2 days of each other. I immediately cancelled the subscription because I didn’t want them taking money from my bank account at irregular intervals and causing things to bounce.

    OK, I’ve been using this first bag for about a week now. We had been using Breeze pellets, so I never had to deal with dust or tracking, except for the occasional stray pellet. This stuff tracks all over the place, even using a box with high sides. It’s like sand all over the floor. It is NOT dust free at all. One of my cats has been sneezing constantly since we started using this stuff and even I can smell the dust from across the room. It’s awful.

    The plus side is that it definitely absorbs odor and so far, we’ve only had yellow patches with urine (and blue with stool, but that’s apparently normal).

    The problem is that I’ve emailed twice now to ask where to return the 3 remaining bags for a refund. I have all correspondence and tracking numbers and it’s been less than 10 days since I received the 2 orders, so well within the 30 days. I have a family member who works for FedEx, so paying for return shipping won’t be an issue, but I do want a refund and now it seems like no one answers my emails.

    I also cancelled my subscription by signing into my account and received a confirmation that it was cancelled, but found no way where I would be able to delete my billing card info after the refund.

    So I definitely concur with the buyer beware statement. It’s really too bad because one of my 2 cats has had issues with bladder stones in the past, and we thought this might be a good early warning system, but we’re going back to using Breeze again.

  13. Hi Alison! Some very mixed experiences so far – if you decide to try this product, do let us know what you think! 🙂

  14. What a shame Michele, I hope you get the issue sorted. I guess at least you know your cats are ok for now, having only produced yellow patches. Thank you for your comments though!

  15. I tried this litter recently, so I’ll give you my perspective on it. But I’m also here to give another perspective on the company’s customer service. First, I’ve had one cat for years, and have been using the Breeze system, which I love. No tracking, no dust, low cost and easy to maintain. But she’s a young, healthy cat, and while I don’t think she loves the large, hard pellets, she’s far more horrified by the idea of thinking outside the box than by the Breeze system. However, I adopted a 14yo cat recently, who has severe arthritis, hyperthyroidism, early kidney disease, and chronic UTIs (yep, I know how to pick ’em!). So of course, I needed a second box.

    Several things I like about this litter.
    1) While it doesn’t cost me anything to actually check her urine for bacteria as often as I need to, I love the idea of using this to monitor her urine at home.
    2) I live in an apartment, and clumping litters produce a LOT of waste, which I then have to drag out to the dumpster. That was one of the big draws to trying the Breeze system, but I just had a feeling that the old lady wouldn’t do as well as my young cat with that system. So I had been using Tidy cat’s lightweight clumping clay litter, but even that gets heavy when wet, and has a lot of waste. I like that I don’t have to scoop the urine with this stuff.
    3) Nothing is as low-tracking as the Breeze pellets, but I do agree that this doesn’t seem to track more than any other litter.
    4) Old lady is short haired, but gets litter stuck between her paws-and I believe some of the properties of the clumping litter also make it more likely to glue to the fur. I think this stuff actually sticks to her paws less because it’s non-clumping. Even my young cat had a clump of the clay litter stuck to one of her paws a couple months ago, probably from stepping in a wet clump in the litterbox before I was able to clean it. This stuff does NOT glue to the fur.

    Dislike? It would dry out at first, but after a week or two, it stopped drying out, no matter how much I mixed it. I just replaced what’s in the box today, at about the 3 week mark, and it was soaked, and has been for a few days. Not much odor control when soaked. It’s been damp and hasn’t dried out fully in probably a week and a half, even with mixing it every day. But remember that my old lady pees a LOT (kidney disease), and while my young cat still uses her Breeze box, she uses the Pretty Litter sometimes too. So I probably need two boxes of it if I really want to get a month out of it, which will drive the cost up.

    Also had a small issue with the first bag, there was a small slice in it, not from opening the package it was shipped it, so that I got litter on my foyer floor when I opened it. I contacted customer service to let them know, and they responded very nicely and said they would look into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Did not have that issue with the second bag.

    Customer service-I haven’t had a problem, but I also haven’t contacted them directly about ordering, just about the bag issue. From the emails they’ve sent, they say demand is very high right now, which put them behind. When I signed up for the subscription in late October, I believe it said right on the website that there was a 4-5 week delay on shipping new subscriptions. I also immediately got a very apologetic email that it would take 4 weeks to ship due to the high demand right then. They sent email updates every 1-2 weeks, apologizing for the delay and keeping me updated on order status.

    At the end of November, my first bag finally arrived. And a few days later, my second bag arrived, which would have been completely on schedule if there hadn’t been a delay with the first bag. Not a big deal to me, I just held onto it until I needed it. It doesn’t go bad. I went to the website and checked the delivery schedule, and they were all scheduled for the same time at the end of each month. So I’m not sure why the user above thought they would charge at irregular intervals once the first bag came. My guess is that priority goes to making sure current subscriptions are filled on time, then new subscriptions are filled.

    This is a pretty new company and they are clearly going through growing pains-I feel like a little understanding is in order here. I know someone who went on Shark Tank with her product, and damn did they experience growing pains after their episode aired! They were backed up for weeks! But she caught up with orders, and has been going strong since. I know she ready many of the emails they received, both from the people who were understanding of the growing pains, and from people who were upset about the delays. Each of those angry people upset her, but she did her absolute best to make as many people happy as possible. For whatever reason, Pretty Litter’s popularity has exploded, they’re trying to keep up with the expansion, and that means new orders may be a little delayed. Have some patience.

    Of course, that’s not an excuse for rudeness and not getting back to people in a timely manner. Can’t comment much on the return policy, although again, a little understanding might be a good thing-there are many companies that charge return shipping. It doesn’t seem unusual to me. And again, all the emails I got about the delays were apologetic and not rude at all-maybe we just read the tone of the emails differently. And when I contacted them about the torn bag, they also responded nicely and in a timely fashion.

    I’m going to give this litter another couple of months and see how it goes. If something better comes along in the meantime, I might give it a try. If not, I might continue with this litter. It’s not perfect, but it does the job so far.

  16. Hi Rachel, thanks so much for taking the time and effort in giving us your detailed input. I found the same as you, the early stages of using the litter was great but when it goes damp it needed to go! Did you see any unusual colour indications from your older cat? I think it’s lovely that you chose to adopt her! 🙂

  17. I just recently heard about this product. After investigating it further, it seemed like something I’d like to try. I have one cat who is 15 years old and just recently got over some health issues, so this is the perfect way to make sure that everything remains on the up and up. Prior to placing my order, I did read several reviews about customer service issues, but nothing bad about the product itself. I decided to take the plunge because honestly, even bad customer service isn’t a deal breaker to me if you offer a quality product.

    So anticipating the customer service issues, I placed my order on the evening of 12/27/16. I immediately received an email stating that they were backlogged and it would be approximately one week prior to shipping. I was pretty excited about this since many reviews stated they had a 4 week wait. I received my shipment around noon on 12/31/16. Not only is that only three and a half days after placing my order but such a quick turn around during the holiday season is quite impressive. I have not yet tried the product as I had just filled the box with his old litter (why be wasteful, right?). I do not anticipate any issues however. The reviews I’ve read discussed a shortened product life, but that was always in multicat households.

    I just wanted to make sure to write a review regarding the shipment time and customer service issues to make sure other prospective buyers had more available than just the negative comments I saw.

  18. Hi Terra, thanks for giving your side of the story. I hope you come back to us with your thoughts on the product at a later date! 🙂

  19. Hello! I am interested in finding out how this product handles dust issues? We have three big cats, we use a well-known litter, but all of a sudden, we have a dust and odor problem. We, clean out all three LARGE litter boxes, three times per day and add fresh litter when we see it is getting below 3 inches, plus change all boxes once a month with new litter. Please advise about your product on dust, odor, and how often it will need completely replaced.

  20. Hi April, Pretty Litter isn’t actually my product – I was curious to try it and wrote my verdict. I think all bedding/litter has some element of dust, even when they claim to be dust free. I feel this is no dustier than other litters but this depends on what you are used to. I think its quite good with odour – initially. As you have three cats like myself, you probably would find it quite difficult to determine who has produced a suspicious wee patch unless you keep a close eye on them. If you were monitoring a potentially sick cat it would also mean restricting the access of the Pretty Litter box to that one cat. The company suggests replacing the litter completely after a month but mine’s didn’t last that long, and there isn’t a lot in a bag to fill a large litter box. For more answers, you could try contacting Pretty Litter – the link is in my blog 🙂

  21. Hello All,

    I also tried it along with so many other litters. I have three cats and one of my boys is very particular with scents. After the last bout of peeing around the house, I tried pretty litter. His bad behavior has stopped.
    I am very happy with this product in a tray and in our litter robot. The smell is much better. The trail of litter is less. You still get a little, but it’s not really dust. I do occasionally scoop the urine with the stools, but I think it’s the best product I’ve found so far. First I tried Buying 4 bags and now I’ve done the 12 bag purchase. The price is much better in the bulk.

    The only down side is that I think the quantity is a little off. I used three bags for my three cats but I think I want to clean out the litter and replace it after 20 days not 30. I haven’t quite decided yet.

    After 3 or 4 cycles I think I should have a better feel. However if you have a litter robot, I think this is the best product to match I’ve experienced.
    Oh, and I have a long haired cat and it’s kept her coat the cleanest. The two black cats have never looked better and their paws are good too. I’d suggest giving it a try.

  22. Hi Lisa! Update on my Dec 26th post. About two weeks ago, the litter turned from its regular tan/beige to blue. I sent out a urinalysis and urine culture (did I mention I’m a vet?), and sure enough, the old lady cat has ANOTHER UTI. No symptoms yet, but it did alert me to the recurrence! I’ll be taking her to a specialist because this is the 4th UTI in 12 months (litterbox issues due to a UTI were the reason she was turned into the shelter in the first place, because the owner couldn’t afford to treat her). But glad to know I have something to alert me to changes.

    I am currently having an issue now, however-I canceled my 1 bag a month subscription and signed up for two bags to be shipped at once, to save a couple bucks…hey, every little bit counts! From the emails I’m getting, it looks like they had caught up on the backorder. Once shipped, previous orders had taken a few days to arrive. But my last order was shipped 2.5 weeks ago, and still hasn’t arrived. I don’t think it’s even left the facility, because when I click on the tracking number, it still says it’s en route to the post office on the other side of the country. I needed to change the littler weeks ago, so am clearly a little frustrated right now, and on the verge of buying some clay litter to get through, which I hate to do. However, I just sent them an email, so will give it a couple of days before I get upset.

    If they respond favorably, I plan to set up a less frequent but larger bulk order, to save more money.

  23. Hi again Rachel! Thats brilliant to hear some positive results about this litter (although not so positive your cat needs treatment but at least you’ve had warning). Such a shame about the ordering side of it – I guess that’s why its not available yet in the UK. I’ll do a post on my Facebook page shortly – feel free to visit and post some helpful comments. Good luck with your old lady cat! 🙂

  24. Beware! This is a silica gel product. Silica is a known carcinogen.
    I used this litter as a try with our two kiddies….for less than a month, it dose get dusty!!! In time. It concerned me how dusty it was so I looked at ingredients and found the silica gel component, as when I went to clean the box there was so much dust it hurt my throat. I threw it all out, will never try this again.

    Think of it, do you want your cats, your babies in this kind of dust? To say it is dust free is a lie, false advertising!

    It is made in China where few safety controls are enforced with such things.
    Be careful cat owners!

  25. Hi Cindy! Thanks for your input – a very valid point about silica. To be fair, I do find that anything advertised as dust free will always have an element of dust but I found that this product gets damper with continued use. Out of interest, which litter do you normally use?

  26. I have used this product (Pretty Litter) for around 1 year now because I have an older cat with urine crystals and inflammatory bowel disease. I do like the product for the fact that it is so light weight.
    However, the dust was too much for me as I have allergies, and the amount of tracking was way more than a typical clay litter. Also, because my cat is so large, the “one bag a month” didn’t work as the urine smell was so hard to take. Due to the cost and the above issues, I did not feel it was worth continuing with the product. Therefore, I chose to discontinue my subscription at the end of November of last year. Like Lisa McCloskey, I received an email back asking if I was sure I wanted to cancel. I said, “Yes” and explained the issues I have with it.
    Imagine my surprise when I received a notice in my email saying that the next order was about to be shipped. I immediately sent an email saying, “no, do not ship. I canceled my subscription”.
    Long story short, I have tried to contact the company via phone 4 times (always says to leave a message – says their customer service people are all busy) – left messages with number, name, etc. – no reply; have contacted them via email several times and asked for a call back – just more emails telling me nothing helpful or asking me to rate their service; and left a post on their Facebook page.
    The only real response I got was from the Facebook post saying they were looking into how to solve the matter. This has been going on for a week now; and my money has still not been returned to my checking account.
    Pretty Litter – great product if you have a pet you are concerned about on-going health issues. Customer Service – pretty much null and void. No help. To me, when a company lacks customer service, the product doesn’t matter. I have better things to do with my life.

  27. Many thanks for your feedback Tammy, especially as you have used it for a year! Seems that dust and customer service crops up a lot in these comments which is a shame as the idea behind the product is brilliant. I hope you get your refund soon 🙂

  28. The Pretty Litter is the best product ever!!! Economically ,odor absorbent,
    Long lasting.Also it will alarm you,if you see changes in the color.It is probably back ordered ,because it works so well.We had no problem with our order.
    I recommend this litter highly.It is fabulous !!

  29. I’ve been using this litter for about 3 weeks in my litter robot and my cat seems to like it. I don’t mix the pee in, the litter robot removes the clumps, which I prefer. I feel like it tracks less than the Breeze and hurts much less if you step on it! I bought a great litter trapping mat that helps a lot. Today I cleaned out the the waste bin and my kitty’s pee clumps are suddenly all very blue! I felt like there was a slight blue tinge a few days ago but couldn’t be sure. Now I’m sure. I’m calling the vet tomorrow. I have had no problems with shipping or ordering, though the initial delay was similar.

  30. Hi Katie! I hope your kitty is ok – I noticed blue colouring surrounding poo as the litter got damp but got the all clear from the vet. Here is a paragraph from Pretty Litter’s customer service;

    “Pretty litter helps owners detect abnormal levels of acid and alkaline similar to a pH dipstick you would see in a doctor’s office during a urinalysis. Pretty Litter also detects abnormal levels of bilirubin to help alert an owner to a potential liver issue and also detects blood in the urine. Any one of these abnormal detections can indicate a host of potential issues. For example, if a cat has a urinary tract disorder that would likely result in abnormal pH levels. You would see the area in the litter with the urine turn green or blue in this scenario.”

    Thanks for your comments and please update us when you’ve seen your vet 🙂

  31. Hello Everyone. A friend just sent me an email about PrettyLitter and I was amazed when watching the video. I had 8 rescues ranging from 2 – 10 years of age. I had to put my 5 year old baby kitty to sleep 3 weeks ago due to major liver issues. It almost killed me. I cannot believe there were know signs from her being ill until a couple of days before we had to put her to sleep. She hid it well. Her liver levels were so high and she had jaundice…her gums were yellow. She also had a lump above her belly. None of this was visible to us and she played and acted normal up until her last days. If I would have had this litter I would have known sooner and maybe could have saved her life. I am sick over the loss. I still have 7 cats and the thought of having this litter to possibly catch an illness sooner is what is driving me to purchase this product. I currently use Dr. Elseys Ultra 99.9 % dust free to keep my cats from breathing all the clay into their lungs. Its expensive but well worth it. I ordered 3 bags of PrettyLitter today and will let you know how all goes when I receive it. God bless all you and your family pets. 🙂

  32. Hi Jamie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It must have been a shock for you. Dr Elseys cat litter is not widely available in the UK but it certainly looks interesting; seems you have some great products over there! Yes, do let us know what your findings are on Pretty Litter 🙂 Off the subject, we have a free pet bereavement service available in the UK should you wish to talk to someone who understands your grief
    God bless you all too!

  33. Don’t waist your money on this bad product.
    the costumer service is awful. I ordered two bags and only received one after I followed up couple of times. I wouldn’t waist the money for the following reason:

    1. After 15 days of use, you have to discard the whole litter/bag. The pee smell gets overwhelming. They say the pee “resolves” but it doesnt. it ends up as dust in the bottom of the littler-tray. stinks!

    2. My kitty once peed and it was blue. I went to get my phone to take a picture but the pee color disappeared. For those of us who work 8 hours day or so, how are we supposed to know when our cats pee color is a certain color? The color is there for minute or so then it disappears. very disappointing!

    3. Ending my subscription was a nightmare! I ended it and they kept charging me. I called, I e-mailed nothing worked. I ended up chaining my credit card number.

    4. Costumer service sucks! They will tell you that your bag was shipped but you wont get it. you call back and the story just continues. Waste of time.

  34. Hi Amy, thanks for your input although it doesn’t sound like you had a good experience with this product. I was under the impression that if the wee patches started out blue that they stayed blue? Did yours turn yellow as in normal urine? Just wondering if anyone else with an abnormal reading experienced this? Out of interest, did you get your cat checked out by your vet?

  35. I have been using this product for 3 months. I have a appointment with the vet this afternoon as the litter as turned blue.
    There is dust and yes I see it on the floor even though I have a rug in front of opening to catch it.
    I have never had a problem with delivery.
    I do like that it is lite and there is no urine smell. I can get a month out if a bag. But then, I only have one .

  36. Hi Pamela, good to hear this product is working for you. Hope the vet visit was ok, can you let us know the outcome?

  37. I’ve tried this product for more than a year. First few months, I was very please with the product. However, the last 8 bags of litters went terrible. The odor was so strong when the litter had been used only for 2 weeks that I had to change a new bag! After 2 weeks of use, the litter just won’t absorb any more of the urine. Every month, I had to use 2 bags of litters for just one cat!! It was too expensive so I switched back the brand. Their customer service is horrible! They don’t respond until weeks later! I’ve complained to their customer service since last November and they just played dumbed and kept asking the same questions over and over again. Btw, I only have one 10lb cat in the house and the size of of the litter box was regular size.

  38. Hi Jessica! Looks like they’ve lost a long term customer. Strange that the quality would change so drastically. What litter have you changed to now? Its interesting to see what everyone uses, especially brands that are not available here in the UK! 🙂

  39. I wouldn’t waste your money on this product, it did not control odors at all and reeked after just a few days. at $40 for a bag that barely filled 1 cat box, it was not worth it.I wish I could get my money back!I think the color change crystals or whatever they are are defective,One day it was green and the next day it was blue. So which is it? Any way. The lack of odor control and the price made this the worst impulse buy I have ever gotten.

  40. Maybe I should have read these reviews before I placed my order. I have three cats and one of them has litter box issues in general. (Not using it half the time…) He has no known medical issues and when he does go, he leaves giant puddles in the box. I bought the “buy 3 get one free” option and was thinking that 4 bags for a month was probably the way to go. This is MUCH more expensive ($68 per month vs less than $20 per month) than the clumping litter I have been using. I guess we’ll see how it goes and if it works for us, I’ll look into the bulk ordering. I saw that you can get 24 bags for $276, which would still be more than I pay now, but less overall. I will post a real review once we get through our first month!

  41. Hello Beth, I agree with you that the bag of litter didn’t really fill my tray either! But at least my cats’ urine spots were consistently yellow. Just wondered if you had your cats checked with the vet as blue was indicative of a potential health problem?

  42. Haven’t tried this yet – thanks for all the reviews – might try on my big boy cats – they certainly will supply enough output for a hardy test!

    >>>>> !!! >>>>> Regarding senior cats! and clump litter (sticking between their toes and on their fur) – I use puppy pads for my (18 year old!) female and they work great. I just put a pad in her box and she loves it. No pain of digging, no clumps she can’t get out of her toes etc. PUPPY PADS work greet with seniors and so easy to clean up!

  43. Regarding senior cats! and clump litter (sticking between their toes and on their fur) – I use puppy pads for my (18 year old!) female and they work great. I just put a pad in her box and she loves it. No pain of digging, no clumps she can’t get out of her toes etc. PUPPY PADS work greet with seniors and so easy to clean up!

    Just wanted to post that again because it is such a relief for the seniors.

  44. Hi Patty! Yes definitely let us know how you get on with Pretty Litter. Could do with more experiences on the urine indicator side. But that’s an interesting point about puppy pads in litter trays. No tracking either! 🙂

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