Nootie Waterless Foaming Shampoo Review – Easier Way To Bath A Cat

Did she say 'bath?!'
Did she say ‘bath?!’

I am lucky that my two Siamese cats, Bart and Phoebe are so good natured that I can give them a bath without any injury to myself!  So I have done this once or twice a year on a hot day and they would go and dry off in the conservatory, unimpressed.  This is my turning point.  They really would rather not have a bath, and to be honest, I wondered if there was an easier way of cleaning a cat without saturating myself and the bathroom.  Even though they are tolerant to being bathed, they can still shake off a huge amount of water!  Ringo, my havana Oriental, I have yet to discover his reactions but none of my cats really get dirty as they live indoors.  However, these days pet owners, including myself are quite partial to clean, fragrant smelling fur!

The pet grooming business is now complimented by a huge range of shampoo products with delicious sounding names.  Gone are the days of standard shampoo and insecticidal…nowadays there are shampoos for white dogs, dark dogs, puppies and sensitive skin, to name a few.  For my furry trio, I opted for a foam shampoo that doesn’t need rinsing off.


I decided on the Nootie  shampoo as it was paraben free with no harsh chemicals.  In fact, compared to some other shampoos, there were very few chemicals listed on the label.  This was important to me as my cats groom themselves dry, so I didn’t want them to ingest anything potentially harmful.  Alarmingly, tea tree is sometimes listed in shampoos for use on cats, despite some evidence of it being toxic to our feline friends.  This product can also be used on dogs and puppies.

Most animals dislike being sprayed and the hissing sound of an aerosol.  Modern pet products avoid aerosols which is a plus for the environment.  This shampoo is in a pump spray; with a few presses it dispenses a foamy pile which can be spread over your pet and massaged in.  Note that at this point, your cat may still object to this as there is an unfamiliar smell (soft lily passion – mmmmm!) and also because the product is still wet.  Its not to be confused with the dry shampoo human ladies like to use!


Phoebe was my first guinea pig for this product as she happened to stand in some poo that day.  Phoebe stands relatively still but protests vocally when she has a conventional wet bath.  To the point where I wonder whether she would eventually give me a swipe one day .  This time, there was no filling of the bath, putting towels down on the bathroom floor and catching of said cat.  I did the deed within minutes on the couch as she was sitting next to me, and there was no cursing from Phoebe.  Sure, she tried to escape, but once the shampooing bit was over, I just needed to towel her off and she doesn’t mind a good towel rub.  Result – she went fluffy as she would with a normal bath, and she smelt lovely!

WP_20160831_16_08_05_Pro WP_20160831_16_08_43_Pro

Note Ringo watching from a distance in the second picture! 😀

I know I would never have problems with Bart.  Again, he would rather not have a bath but he tolerates everything I do with patience.  Even giving tablets is easy with Bart!  He seemed to give his metaphorical thumbs up to this experience….

Bart loves a good massage.  He wasn’t crazy about the taste of this shampoo but he was purring on my lap as I worked the product into his coat.  As a result, you can see the loose hairs over my pants!

WP_20160831_14_57_15_Pro WP_20160831_14_58_48_Pro

Quick rub with the towel and floof!!  Two down, one to go.

Ringo, being a newcomer to the household, has never had a bath with us.  He would be justified in arguing against one as he keeps himself beautifully clean and his sleek chocolate brown coat shines like a Minstrel.  Its a shame to ruffle it up really, but here goes…

WP_20160831_14_40_12_Pro WP_20160831_14_40_50_Pro WP_20160831_14_43_04_Pro WP_20160831_14_43_54_Pro

As it turned out he wasn’t too bad, despite the unimpressed look in the final picture!  In fact, all three cats were pretty well behaved and calm as large amounts of water wasn’t involved, and I did them all in half an hour without much exertion on my part.  The result?  Well, after towelling them off and leaving them to dry themselves, some patches dried a bit tufty.  These were places where I applied more foam, so was more wet, but a quick once over with a brush will put that right.  I don’t think this product will be enough if your cat has got a particularly contaminated coat, but for a quick freshen up it gets my vote.  The fragrance (no toxic lilies listed in this product!!) is pleasant and much nicer than pet wipe fragrance.  Its not the cheapest foam shampoo on the market – around £10 for a 207ml bottle at time of writing – but I chose it on the ingredients listing, which makes it stand out from other brands for me.  Having done my three fur babies, there is still around two thirds of the bottle left, but that depends how much you want to wet the coat.  I wouldn’t say I was a particularly heavy user.

Bathing a cat is not essential but should you need to, at least there are some choices out there that are less stressful for both cat and owner.  Feel free to let me know your experiences on the subject 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nootie Waterless Foaming Shampoo Review – Easier Way To Bath A Cat

  1. We bought this product for a cat that has a flee alergy. I am now noticing she has bald patches. I would like to know that the product is helping. We have only been using for a couple of days. Please revert so has to put me at ease. If not the right produc I will take her to our vets. By the way we have 5 cats all in good health and visit the vets every 6months.This femal we rescued with her 3 kittens with the help of Cats Protection all 3 kittens are feral and living on a farm.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Brenda, apologies for the late reply – I have had a break from blogging recently. Hope you managed to find the cause of the baldness in your cat. I didn’t have any problems myself while using this product but then none of my cats have had any sort of allergy. Also I have only used it once on each cat. It was quick and easier to use as opposed to a full bath, but personally I like to rinse products off to avoid any build up of residues. Did you find out if that contributed to your cat’s baldness?

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