Tried And Tested Greyhound Coats – By George!

George in his birthday suit!

Just as people are different shapes and sizes, dogs vary even more so.  Dog clothing is a fast growing trend and whether you dress your pet for fashion or for functionality, whenever you pick up clothing at your local pet store there is a nagging doubt if it will fit.  Sadly, that is the curse of off the peg clothing for dogs.  There is no national standard for dog sizes and company standards vary between each other.  The best option is to try it on!

Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers and other sighthounds are at a particular disadvantage with their distinguished body shapes.  Yet these breeds wore coats even before dog clothing became popular!  These dogs are built for short bursts of incredible speed so they have long necks, deep chests and tiny waists.  Most fashionable dogwear would be a poor fit on a sighthound breed.

My head was turned when I spotted George, a beautiful tall Greyhound sporting some eyecatching fashions which looked incredibly warm, comfy – and well fitted.  How his fortunes have changed since his days of an ex-racing rescue dog!  His owner, Anita was only too happy to recommend his designers.

Deluxe Snoggla by AK Creations

When I had a peep at the AK Creations website, I was blown away by the quality of the coats on offer.  I wanted a dog so I could get a coat!  The one George is modelling above is the Deluxe Snoggla, a quilted showerproof coat lined with polar fleece.  For someone who appreciates good outdoor clothing on a winters’ day a fleece and quilt combo definitely gets my thumbs up!  Anita agrees -“The lilac A & K creations coat is great for cold days when it’s not raining too heavily. The soft material that wraps round under his chest helps to keep his little bald undercarriage warm and dry and the neck of the coat also provides good coverage.”

The neck of this coat unfolds to form a hood, which is shaped so as not to interfere with the dog’s vision.  The coat itself fastens easily with the built in fleece panel, which passes between the front legs and is secured with velcro and snap fastenings.  The Deluxe Snoggla is around £65 to £85 depending on size of dog, plus postage.  Along with other super designs, AK Creations also make pyjamas for chilly nights, cool coats for hot days and colour co-ordinating bags for stylish owners!  Three measurements is normally required when ordering a coat as these are all handmade.  Not surprisingly, they are inundated with orders so be prepared to wait a while for your garment to be made.

Anita and George

In the above picture, George is overshadowing his owner with his funky raincoat from Milgi Coats in Cardiff.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, Milgi Coats do a fantastic range of patterned designs.  Here, George is wearing a raincoat in Purple Haze.  Made from lightweight, ripstop fabric it is both tear resistant and waterproof.  The cotton flannel lining ensures the coat is warm and breathable.  The cut of the garment is very generous too, giving good protection around the neck, chest and back legs.  The coat is also machine washable and great value at £35.  Anita’s verdict on this? “The Milgi coat is the one I use in milder, wet weather – it’s quite light but waterproof. I like the polo neck style collar – it doesn’t flap about in the way some do, exposing his long neck to the rain.” Milgi also do beds, bandanas and…Christmas coats!  There is an easy sizing guide available, but be quick as last date to order before Christmas 2016 is 11th December!!!

As George was a rescue dog, Anita is involved with Lancky Dogs, an organisation for rescuing greyhounds and lurchers in the north of England.  They often take part in the monthly dog walk which raises funds for unwanted dogs, and is also a great social event for greyhound/lurcher owners.  Take a look at Lancky Dogs wonderful work at

George has also picked up some bits for his wardrobe from Lancky Dogs…

The anonymous blizzard coat

“The blue and grey blizzard coat is really excellent quality and has the polo neck I like,” says Anita.  “It was given to the Lancky Dog group to raise money to rescue more greyhounds but unfortunately we don’t know who made it!”  Note the belt fastening around George’s waist – its a common feature in some greyhound coats to wrap all the way round for a better fit.

George’s polo neck jumper

This is actually home made!  Anita comments, “The yellow and black knitted coat was made by a member of the group and I’m sure other people could do the same. It’s great for adding under the blizzard coat, which isn’t as warm as the A & K coat, to keep him comfortable on very cold, wet days. It’s also useful for cold nights when the heating isn’t on downstairs.”  Greyhounds, being very thin coated will feel the cold more than most dogs, so be aware of cold nights and mornings in the house.


All this modelling is hard work!

Many thanks to George and Anita for helping me out on this blog as I have a severe lack of dog!  Always nice to hear some feedback on products from other owners.  Let me know if there’s a subject you want me to cover or a product you swear by and I’ll certainly consider it!

Me, at my day job with George









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