Cat Pouch Hoodie Review

I originally saw this item advertised on Facebook, and like any discerning mad cat lady, I had to have it!  For years, when one of my cats demand to be carried around (namely Bart), I adapted by doing everything one handed, although he will also happily perch on my shoulders (me, less happy).  I often joked to my husband about having some sort of cat papoose but now….a hoodie with a cat carrying pouch!  This has better not be a joke I thought.

The Facebook video was American.  As with any great idea, I figured there would be another version available to buy from the UK, where hopefully I wouldn’t have to wait ages for delivery nor pay overseas postage.  After a quick trawl on Ebay, I found various sellers around the world  and different names for this item, including cat pouch hoodie, mewgaroo and nyangaroo.  Beware some odd looking versions of this garment!  And beware listings where the item is from overseas – you might be in for a long wait (although there is more chance of you getting the colour and size you want). I opted for a supplier who shipped from Leeds so my hoodie arrived within a week but black was the only option available – pink and grey had sold out.

The hoodie itself was made in China where sizes are notoriously small.  On a good listing there should be a fitting chart available, but generally speaking I would advise going up a size.  I am a UK size 10 and I found Medium a good fit.

Being the sort of person who gets cold easily I was pleased to see this hoodie feels soft and comfy.  However, soft and comfy fabrics always attract cat hair so within minutes, my new black top was christened by Siamese cats!  No problem, I thought – I bought this item as a stay at home outfit, not a fashion statement!  It does have some cute features that appeal to humans rather than felines though.  The hood itself has cat ears and there are thumb holes at the end of the sleeves with a pawprint.  Probably more suitable for a child than a grown woman like me, but as I believe in nurturing my inner child I will wear this hoodie and enjoy it!

The all important feature is the cat carrying pouch at the front – the reason why I bought this garment.  It has a press stud button to stop the pouch gaping when not in use, and also a zip out fleece lining for easy cleaning.  Less popular with me are the dangly pom poms hanging from the hood.  They are the right length to be conveniently tucked out of the way in the actual pouch, or they will drive you mad when you are cleaning litter trays, feeding cats, etc.

So…the proof of the pudding?  I got my own 3 cats to try out the cat pouch.

Phoebe wasn’t keen, but then Phoebe isn’t one for being carried around.

Ringo wasn’t a happy chappie either!  But Bart on the other hand…

I did feel like I was pregnant with a cat though.  I also trialled the hoodie with a friend’s dog.  Penny the Toy Poodle seems to like the fleecy pocket too!  Thanks for the picture Madi 🙂

The pouch was also handy for collecting eggs from the hens and for Gloria the hamster…

…although she didn’t want to stay in it for long!  I am quite pleased with my purchase having spent just under £20 with free postage.  The pouch is really useful for carrying small (and obliging) pets but it is also a fun and comfortable top.  The only downside is it will need lint rolling regularly to remove pet hair, and check the sizing before you buy.  I have also spotted a short sleeved version for the summer months so might just treat myself again, British weather permitting!

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