Frozzys – Frozen Yoghurt For Dogs

“Frozen yoghurt for dogs??  What next?”  I hear this quite often when working next to the Frozzy freezer at a well known pet retailer.  Yet Frozzys are incredibly popular and in summer, they fly out of the store.  I reckoned it was worth doing a blog on this, but first I will need to borrow a dog as at present, I am dogless.

Dougie…and a Frozzy

Introducing Dougie, a Tibetan Terrier owned by my friend Laurie.  Dougie has a sensitive stomach and has to be careful what he is fed.

Frozzys are simply pots of frozen yoghurt that are lactose free.   This means they are not likely to upset tummies so they are suitable for puppies too.  Because they are frozen, dogs have to lick them, which means theoretically they should last longer than the average dog biscuit.

Available in 4 flavours – original, cranberry, strawberry and blueberry – they can be bought individually or in a four pack of a single flavour.  Dougie’s favourites are original and blueberry…

He knows what’s coming!

In an age where there’s so many dog treats available but canine obesity is on the increase, its good to know that Frozzys are not quite the equivalent to a human ice cream.  Its low calorie and rich in fibre and as well as being tummy friendly, Frozzys contain vitamin A, K1 and a number of B vitamins too.

He’s got it – yum!

Frozen treats like these are ideal for teething pups and hot summer days.  Alternatively they can also be defrosted and poured over biscuits for fussy eaters.  Laurie has this to say about the product;-

“Dougie has SO many allergies it’s great to find a treat he can actually eat and that lasts longer than 2 minutes.  He’s a crazy dog, full of energy and they keep him completely entertained and are a great reward for good behaviour.  They’re fab for a cooling treat in summer but he loves them any time of the year.”

Frozzys are made in the UK and are available from selected leading pet retailers at around £1.69 each or £5.99 at time of writing.  More details available from

Thanks for your input Laurie and Dougie! 🙂 xx



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