Tofu Cat Litter Review

Even as a non meat eater I am not the greatest fan of tofu.  Or beans.  It is assumed that vegetarians like beans and therefore tofu (bean curd).  It wouldn’t surprise me if tofu performs better as a cat litter than a food and so I gave it a go, and here’s my findings 😉

It all started with an advert in my Facebook feed.  At £8.00 for a 6 litre bag from Amazon, it was more expensive than my current litter but delivery was included.  One click with my eager finger, and the item arrived the next day.

The litter is manufactured in China by Green Pet Care and is sold on Amazon via Cider House Pet supplies.  I received good communication from both parties when I emailed them – more on that later.

It’s green!!

The bag of litter was not as heavy as a clay litter and generously filled my litter box with their recommended 6cm depth.  When changing a litter, its recommended to gradually introduce it, but for the purpose of this trial I have decided to just jump in and see how my three cats react.  I have another tray downstairs  with their original litter.  (Another note – it is recommended that in a multi-cat household, you have one tray per cat but my third tray was made redundant as they never used it).

The litter is pelleted, not as big as some wooden pellets I have seen, but more like the chicken feed pellets I feed my hens.  What struck me straight away was that the product was green in colour.  “But tofu is white!” my brain argued.  Cue my email to the Chinese manufacturer politely asking the composition of the litter.  I was very impressed by a quick response from the company.  The green colour was from  a food grade dye as I had the green tea version of the litter.  There were also natural, lavender and peach varieties!  Also attached to the email were three documents detailing test results for toxicity, manufacturing process and specifications. This was brilliant information – I now know more about this litter than the one that I have been using for over 10 years!

As with a lot of cat litters, this one claims to be dust free.  I think there is always an element of ‘dust’ or fine particles but I don’t feel this one is any dustier than the average litter.  I was looking forward to seeing it being used and it wasn’t long before the first wee clump appeared.

The clumping was surprisingly good!  It was easy to scoop out and stayed together well.  I was actually looking forward to finding something to scoop out in the litter box!  Sounds sad, I know, but indoor cat owners can get quite excited over good cat litters!


This litter is also compostable and flushable which makes it easily disposable and eco friendly.  As the clumps are quite firm and sometimes quite big, you might need to break it up before flushing so it goes down more easily.  If there’s several clumps, I would also flush them individually, preferably on a full flush (I nearly clogged up the toilet by being too ambitious).  My existing litter is actually better when it comes to disposing down the toilet – this one can sometimes leave a residue.

Tofu litter is a winner for me due to the lack of tracking.  The odd green pellet will go astray, but nothing like past litters I have used including my current Cat’s Best Okoplus.  I found it tracked slightly more the older the litter got, but it was still good that I didn’t have to use my dustpan and brush as much.  There was also very little odour,  and the litter seemed to be lasting longer than usual.  Normally, I would need to empty the box after 4 days but a week later it was still going strong!

One week and looking good!

To be completely honest though, I think it has lasted because my cats prefer their usual litter as the other litter box got slightly dirtier.  Maybe in time they would get used to using this one all the time but at least it was encouraging to see all three had used it.

Ok, time to give it up!

After 2 weeks, I got rid of the litter.  It had stayed odourless and looked reasonable to the end – just that it was no longer covering the bottom of the tray and some of the pellets were turning into powder.  I guess it was a successful trial though I suspect in reality the bag would last me somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks with my 3 cats.  I would seriously consider using this product permanently but I am hesitating at the price, which is twice as much as I am paying now.  In fact the price has now gone up to £8.80 on Amazon at time of writing.  Cider House Pet Supplies kindly emailed me back promptly to say they were looking into importing bigger bags of this product, so maybe I will make the switch if the price is right.  Not having to sweep up cat litter all the time was the clincher for me, along with the odour control properties, and I am hoping the peach and lavender litter become availalble in the UK soon, as I will more than likely try those!

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